Schoongezigt Estate is in essence a portion of land where residents live together in community in a close proximity of one another while enjoying the benefits of “country style” living with its beautiful surrounds and amenities. In order to ensure safe, quality harmonious living by allowing each resident their freedom to live and move in, conduct rules and regulations are required in order to ensure that this living community functions properly and that its living up to each’s expectations of investing in the property in the first place.

The purpose of this document is thus to serve as a guideline in laying down certain rules & regulations that the SHOA determines as important. These rules are instituted to promote and protect the asset value, high quality lifestyle and the safety & security of Schoongezigt Estate residents. These rules have been established in terms of the constitution of the Schoongezigt Homeowners Association (SHOA) and are binding upon all occupants and owners of erven and sectional title residences in the Estate (both being hereinafter referred to as “residences”). These rules may be amended or supplemented from time to time in terms of the constitution of the SHOA. Owners and occupants are also bound by any decision taken by the Committee (“the Committee”) with regard to the enforcement of these rules.

This document must be consulted prior to commencing with the design of any property improvements or building proposals. This guideline booklet is issued by the Estate Management Association to each registered homeowner. It is important for a basic understanding of the operation of the estate that every homeowner is thoroughly familiar with all the information contained in this handbook.