The purpose of these guidelines is to inform homeowners and their architects or designers of the architectural design, building and landscaping requirements for the estate and to provide information relating to the procedure to be followed in order to obtain the necessary approval from the Aesthetics Committee for all buildings and structures to be erected on each erf and any alterations and additions thereto; as well as the code of conduct required from all contractors and builders working on the estate. These rules/guidelines are designed to promote and protect the asset value, high quality lifestyle and the safety & security to which residents of the Schoongezigt Estate aspire. These rules & guidelines have been established in terms of the constitution of the Schoongezigt Homeowners Association (SHOA) and are binding upon all occupants and owners of erven and sectional title residences in the Estate (both being hereinafter referred to as “residences”). Owners and occupants are also bound by any decision taken by the Committee (“the Committee”) with regard to the enforcement of these rules.

The Schoongezigt Home Owners Association (SHOA) envisages the development of a secure, up market, modern lifestyle estate within the South African context. The design of the development in a whole as well as in its parts should:

1.1. Be conducive to a safe, open and relaxed living experience.

1.2. Be of a high quality and standard to protect the investment of all owners.

1.3. Be sustainably minded and environmentally sensitive.

1.4. Ensure the security and safety of all the inhabitants under all reasonable circumstances.

The controlling authority for the development is the SHOA who will be responsible for the approval of all development on the estate. It is the responsibility of the registered owners of residences to ensure that members of their families, as well as their tenants, visitors, friends, invitees, contractors and employees abide by these rules. The decision of the Committee with regard to the interpretation of these rules is final and binding. These rules may be amended or supplemented from time to time in terms of the constitution of the HOA.